2024-2025 Fees & Supplies

clipart of chalkboard, pencils, notebooks with the words don't forget pay school fees, did you know? A requirement of graduation is to have all school fees paid. Parents and students can see the amount of fees owed in ParentAccess: https://pa.ncocc.net/ Fees can be paid in person at the school office or Online at https://www.payschoolscentral.com/  Fees stay in the student account until paid

Grades 7-12 Supplies: Students taking Algebra and higher math classes will need to purchase a TI83 or TI84 Graphing Calculator and label it with the student's name. All students need to bring basic school supplies. Teachers may request specific supplies the first day of school.

Junior High General Fees:
7th Grade: $20
8th Grade: $20

Junior High/High Course Fees*
101 Foods: $15.00 
Accounting 1,2: $40.00
AgriScience 1,2,3,4: $20.00
Art 1,2,3,4: $45.00
Biology:      $10.00
Chemistry: $16.00
Coding & Drones: $20.00
Class Dues will be announced during class meetings
English 1: $15.00
English 3 & 4: $10.00
Environmental Science: $15.00

Financial Literacy: $5.00
JH Agriculture: $10.00
JH Art 7: $22.50

JH Art 8: $22.50
JH Computer Programming: $8.00
JH Computer Coding: $8.00 
JH Spanish: $5.00
JH Transitions & Careers: $10.00
Managing Transitions: $10.00
Physics: $15.00
Robotics: $20.00

*Students owe the course fee for any course they have in their daily schedule