Golden Knights Athletics

School Information:

Colors: Black, Gold & White

Mascot: Golden Knight

School Logo:



Fight Song:

Northmor High School come on and fight, Win that victory!

We’re gonna win that game for the black, gold, and white

Strike down the field there’s a touchdown in sight!

Come on and fight, fight, fight, fight, fight to the end

Honor and glory we must win,

We’re gonna fight, fight, fight for the black, gold, and white


Victory is our battle cry!


Alma Mater

O Come let us unite in praise, a song of alma mater raise.

To reminisce of times gone by, our friends and days at Northmor High.

Years may go the seasons pass, but on we roll with friends that last.

We will always cherish and adore and sing our praise to dear Northmor.